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    Need for Skill Development Training?

    In the current scenario, India faces severe shortage of skilled
    manpower, since only 2.3% of its workforce has undergone Skill

    To make efforts in this direction, Vendor Plus launched ‘SEEKH INDIA’
    program to provide this underutilized manpower with skills enabling
    them to tackle ever-emerging economic challenges.

    We believe in empowering the marginalized by presenting them with
    economic opportunities through vocational skill training, promoting
    entrepreneurship and development of micro enterprises.

    Besides equipping men and women with essential skills and up-grading
    existing skill-sets, they are provided appropriate placement support, in
    tune with current market needs and demands.

    Through, ‘Vendor Plus Consultants’ the challenge of unemployment
    and underemployment are carefully tackled, thus improving the quality
    of life for the community.

    Need for Skill Development Training? Our Corporate Social Responsibility

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